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Russian Consolidation

17th February 2020

Working for a major player in the Oil and Gas industry PKM has been consolidating shipments for Russia over the past year. With over 40 different suppliers from all over the UK and Europe our task was to receive, inspect, repack (if necessary), store and then load out into containers. Each stage of the process is logged onto our software and reports are sent to the customer twice daily. With a 100% of shipments being made on time and zero lost items our customer is more than happy with the quality of service we offer.

Overall so far 16 containers have been loaded, this equates to over 180,000 Kg Gross and 750M3 of goods, and with warehouse stock still being higher we expect the contract to continue running for the next year.

Consolidating in our warehouse saves you money, as you can ship full loads rather than more expensive LCL. The second benefit is to save valuable manufacturing and warehouse space as goods can be stored for months before being called off.